Walker’s Doughnuts has opened a new outlet in The Galeries (correct spelling), which is near the entrance/exit to Town Hall Station in the Sydney CBD.

It’s in a very prominent position and is sure to get a load of passing traffic. It will probably take some of the business from the nearby shops, except they don’t sell coffee – just doughnuts.

Another thing they don’t have is hot jam doughnuts, which they are famous for in Melbourne and have only recently installed in the Darling Harbour outlet. (Sometimes I frighten myself how much I know about these things).

The store is so new that it doesn’t even appear on the Walker’s website yet. In fact, it doesn’t seem to appear anywhere yet – so again, you heard it here on DomNuts first.

It might even be temporary, but it seems permanent. If it is permanent, the question is, will it be a success? That area of the CBD has a habit of cutting short the dreams of many people.

When I walked past one morning, the staff were as usual a bit wanting. They were simply chatting to each other instead of, you know, doing something constructive.

On another occasion when I approached the counter, both people actually turned away. Is it me? Or is it the staff they employ? Or even more likely, is it the poor customer service training?

I’m not much of a fan of the uniforms either.

The Galleries outlet is the second Walker’s store in Sydney.

Is this a sign of more stores to come in Sydney? I’d say so.

Nice doughnuts, ordinary service.

By the way, I’ll be doing a review of Waker’s Melbourne CBD store soon.

Walker’s Doughnuts

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