A tale of 2 doughnuts…


My work has taken me to Darling Harbour a lot lately, and that means regular visits to Walker’s. 

I have had the Jam Ball on two separate occasions.

Sydney's best doughnuts
Jam Ball in the window

While both tasted the same, there is a certain difference to the look of each.

The first has a perfection about it – round, light in colour, holding its shape well, a light but evenly distributed dusting of icing sugar across the top, a blob of jam placed there after the sugar dusting.

The second seems somewhat rushed in its preparation. The skin colour is darker, the dough isn’t holding its shape, the jam injection hole is messy, the dusting of sugar is no where near as evenly distributed and the blob of jam was there before the sugar.

Sydney's best doughnuts
Jam Ball half-munched

They are both good doughnuts and if you didn’t compare one with the other, you’d be none the wiser that there was in fact any difference.

I’d guess the first one was prepared by someone with a little more time, a little more care and perhaps a little more experience.

It’s really just a little insight into how the different people preparing the doughnuts can make variations, subtle as they may be.

The Jam Ball is one of Walker’s most popular.


Walker’s Doughnuts

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