I was wandering through The Star, which for the uninitiated is Sydney’s casino, on my way to the high roller’s room having just parked my Lamborghini, when I spotted a new Milky Lane outlet in the Food Court.

Milky Lane isn’t famous for it’s doughnuts, but they do have them on the menu – see picture.

Milky Lane has a few outlets in Sydney, so it’s obviously growing slowly but steadily. With the rate of retail chain closures in Australia, slow and steady is a wise way to move.

The outlet at The Star is so new that it doesn’t appear on the Milky Lane website – so yet again, you heard it on DomNuts first. It appears to have replaced the Ribs n Burgers outlet that had been at The Star for a while.

I haven’t tried the doughnuts at Milky Lane yet, but it won’t be long before I do.

Watch this space.

Milky Lane

Quick update – the chalk board menu has been replaced by an illuminated board – very fancy indeed. See image (of the dessert section) below.

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