Yes, another week, another Walker’s Doughnut story.

This one is about their French Toast Ring.

It’s good. Go try it. End of story.

Hang on. Google likes blogs to be a bit longer than that, so here’s some fill…

Sydney's best doughnuts
Walker’s at Darling Harbour

If you want a cinnamon hit that’s more intense than you’re standard cinnamon doughnut, you’ve got to try the French Toast Ring at Walker’s.

Sydney's best doughnuts
French Toast Ring

Walker’s only Sydney outlet is at Harbourside, Darling Harbour, right next to McDonalds, which oddly enough is about the only other place where you can get a doughnut of any kind at Darling Harbour. But who wants a Macca’s doughnut? Not me, especially when Walker’s is a few strides away.

Sydney's best doughnuts
French Toast has a ring to it

The French Toast Ring looks different to all the other bright and shiny doughnuts in the display cabinet. It’s dark and mysterious. Is their too much cinnamon on it? What background does it have? I mean, we’re talking about the French here.

I’m pleased to say it’s a bloody beauty. Soft. Loads of flavour. Perfect with a coffee.

It’s good. Go try it. End of story.

Happy now, Google?

Walker’s Doughnuts, Darling Harbour

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