Mezzapica Cakes in Leichhardt is probably the most famous cake store in Sydney. If not now, it was once.

They are especially known for their cannoli.

Mezzapica Cakes, Leichhardt

There was a time in Australia when only Italians knew what cannoli was. And the best place to get them was Mezzapica’s on Norton Street Leichhardt, the heart of Sydney’s Italian community. That was when Australians loathed us Italians. They saw us as smelly new-Australians who had fruit shops and spoke with silly accents.

How things have changed. Other nationalities have taken over as the targets of hate for Australians. Meanwhile, Italians are regarded as the hard working immigrants who helped build this country. And everyone loves cannoli.

When I stepped into Mezzapica Cakes, I didn’t go for the cannoli. I went for the doughnuts. They didn’t have many, and there is a great chance that they don’t even make them themselves.

I got the Jamball Doughnut.

Whether they make them or not, I’d expect them to be up to the Mezzapica standard.

I’m pleased to say my doughnut was.

Although the jam probably wasn’t homemade, it was all still most enjoyable.

Their customer service could improve a little.

Mezzapica Cakes, Leichhardt

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