Walker’s Doughnuts is an institution in Melbourne. They churn out doughnut after doughnut for the adoring Melbourne people as well as the tourists. It’s in a very busy spot.

Nice doughnuts. Ordinary staff.

It never ceases to amaze me that with so many people in the universe to choose from, how companies hire people with zero personality and zero basic customer service skills.

No please, no thank you, no smile, no attentive service, no bit of concern for the customer. Do they train them or just throw them in the water?

Walker’s is one of those places. I can only guess that whoever hires these people must have a similar personality, ie. no personality.

Anyway, getting on to the doughnuts…

I got some hot jam doughnuts. The Sydney store in Darling Harbour only recently added hot jam doughnuts to their range.

They were very tasty.

Being hot gave the doughnuts the sensation of being fresh.

They didn’t have a whole lot of jam.

Overall, good but could be better.

By the way, I’ve given the link to their website below, but the same message has been there for ages – ‘Excuse us while we change in front of you’. The trouble is that not much is actually changing.

Walker’s Doughnuts, Melbourne CBD

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