Workshop Espresso has two outlets in the Sydney CBD. I have done reviews on the one at Circular Quay a couple of times. Their doughnuts are fantastic. So I had to check out the one in The Galeries*. It’s actually on George Street across from Town Hall near the big intersection of Park Street/Druitt Street.

I wanted to know if their doughnuts are as good as the Circular Quay’s range.

I’m pleased to say they are.

I got a doughnut labelled ‘Plain’. They also had some jam-filled doughnuts. They all looked pretty darn good.

The Plain Doughnut had a light coating of sugar – not too much, but that’s okay. You don’t need too much.

The dough was cooked nicely.

They aren’t a bakery and they don’t make the doughnuts themselves. They get them from a supplier. And I reckon that supplier doesn’t supply to too many cafes, because I haven’t had a doughnut like theirs anywhere else.

Do yourself a favour. Check out the doughnuts at Workshop Espresso – either at their cafe at The Galeries near Town Hall or at the Gateway at Circular Quay.

Workshop Espresso, The Galeries

*The Galeries is spelled with one l.

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