Cinnamon Doughnuts @ Carousel Cafe

I guess when you’re at the Easter Show you’re going to run into a carousel sooner or later. But a Carousel Cafe, there’s a rarity. Or a novelty. Or something.

Easter Show Doughnuts
Carousel Cafe at the Easter Show

They had doughnuts. More importantly they had 3 for $5.

Most of the other cafes selling doughnuts had them 6 for $10 – but I didn’t want that many. So Carousel Cafe was the winner of my business… all $5 of it.

Easter Show Doughnuts
3 for $5 – I’ll take it!


I consider these outlets ‘hit n run’. They can serve up any old crap knowing that there is almost zero repeat business. Most people are only at the Easter Show for one day so places like the Carousel Cafe will never see the same people twice, no matter how good or poor their food is.

So I got 3 cinnamon doughnuts. They looked a helluva lot better than some of the other places selling cinnamon doughnuts.  

Easter Show Doughnuts
Not just any donuts – Big Top Donuts

The doughnuts were pretty lousy.

They were hot, but over cooked. One side was crispy – too crispy. The shape was no good either.

I reckon they’re made by people without much training on the finer art of doughnut making.

Having said that, I’m sure most people buying these doughnuts were quite happy with what they received.

And let’s face it, they aren’t going back anyway.

Carousel Cafe

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