Beef Pie Donut @ Mick’s Bakery

I love a meat pie. What Aussie doesn’t? And when I heard Mick’s Bakery was doing a doughnut version, I had to check it out.

Easter Show 2019
Mick’s Bakery story on the Easter Show website

The meat pies at Mick’s Bakery are actually my favourites. I like their sausage rolls, too.

Easter Show doughnuts
The big pie sits on top of Mick’s food truck

While Mick’s has several outlets at the Easter Show, it appears only one of them sells the Donut Pie. Other pies they sell are traditional meat pies and flavoured ones with things like curry.

The outlet in the Woolworths Dome is the busiest, but they don’t seem to sell the donut pie there.

Easter Show doughnuts
Interesting line-up of pies

They also have unusual pies, like the Big Mick, the Mick Chicken and the Mick Burger. I think there are a few McDonald’s references there. Also there’s a cheeseburger slider pie – ummm that one’s not for me.

The Donut Pie is just a meat pie in the shape of a doughnut. There is no dough. No cinnamon sugar. No jam filling or pink icing with sprinkles. Just a traditional pie in the shape of a doughnut.

As I said, Mick’s are my favourite pies, so I enjoyed it. The flavour is good and the pastry is spot on.

Easter Show doughnuts
No dough, no jam

So why have a Donut Pie?

I think it’s just a gim-Mick.

Mick’s Bakery

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