Hot Cinnamon Donut Puffs

It’s pretty enticing – a big cup of cinnamon donut puffs for $5.

Donut puffs are simply little ball versions of a doughnut. So basically you are getting cinnamon doughnuts in a cup.

These are quite nice and I think worth the $5.

Easter Show 2019
Easter Show Donut Puffs stand

They are cooked right there at the stand and are warm when you get them.

They are soft and crispy and covered in plenty of cinnamon sugar. These are probably the best doughnuts at the Easter Show.

Easter Show Doughnuts
They’re made right there

I noticed at least 2 Donut Puff stands at the Easter Show in different locations. And they were always doing a good trade. Pretty hard to resist really, when you get a cup full of delicious doughnut balls that you can pop in your gob while you’re walking around.

My issue is the cup. We all know that coffee cups don’t recycle well. And these are big versions of coffee cups all going straight to land fill.

Easter Show Doughnuts 2019
Not bad, but can I have them in a recyclable and sustainable container?

One day some genius will come up with a better way to eat donut puffs.

Hot Cinnamon Donut Puffs has no apparent web presence.

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