Butter is… well, I’m not quite sure what it is.

They advertise themselves as “a hybrid sneaker, fried chicken and champagne bar.” I also saw somewhere it’s “Sneakers, chicken, doughnuts and hip hop.”

Butter frontage
Not easy to find

From what I can tell, it’s a wine bar that sells food and designer streetwear with ridiculously loud music.

Recently Post Malone appeared there.

All I’m really interested in are their doughnuts.

Butter is tucked away in an area of Surry Hills where few people walk past.

Inside, it’s pokey with few tables yet the music is loud enough to cover a football stadium.

I ordered a doughnut to take away. They only do one type – cinnamon.

I didn’t have to wait long before I was handed a foil bag. I could feel the doughnut was not just warm but hot.

Bitten Cinnamon Doughnut from Butter
Cinnamon Doughnut from Butter

I sat down near the Pool of Remembrance in Hyde Park and enjoyed my doughnut.

Although a little undercooked on one side, it was pretty good. It was soft and flavoursome. It was a little bit different to your usual cinnamon doughnut, and I like that. How it was different is hard to explain. It wasn’t as fluffy as your regular cinnamon doughnut. But it wasn’t chewy at all.

I can recommend going there but take ear plugs.


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