I’ve done a review on The Good Filo at Ramsgate before, and I was a bit critical. Not of the doughnut, but of the experience.

I was interested to see if anything had improved.

Not one bit. If anything, it was worse.

Sydney's best doughnuts
Loukoumas – that means doughnut

Good grief, the service is atrocious. Of all the reviews I’ve done, of the hundreds of places from which I’ve bought doughnuts around the globe, the service at The Good Filo is probably the absolute worst.

It was like extracting teeth. No one was interested, least of all the young girl whose job it was to serve me. The look on her face told she didn’t want to be there and certainly couldn’t be bothered serving me. Another of the staff pushed his way in front of me so he could access something. The other staff stood around refusing to make eye contact.

Clearly, none of these people have been to Customer Service School.

And then there’s the ambience. Again, dreadful. It’s right on a busy road and the doors are wide open. Loud music plays over the general rabble. Because the music and noise is so loud, everyone sitting down to eat is screaming to be heard. Add some loud children into the mix and it really is quite an unpleasant place.

It has just one thing going for it. The food is good.

Sydney's best doughnuts
Loukoumas – vanilla icing

My Loukoumas was very nice. It was on the chewy side, but that is how it is meant to be. The vanilla icing seems to be home made.

They also had a Loukoumas with chocolate icing.

Sydney's best doughnuts
These doughnuts are a bit different from your average doughnut – in a good way

It’s worth the trip the The Good Filo for the food, but nothing else.

The Good Filo

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