I found what I confidently believe to be the world’s saddest doughnut.

It was in a pack of 12 cinnamon doughnuts at Coles supermarket in Surry Hills.

It looked like a pool toy that had been deflated. A doughnut as flat as a pancake.

I’m not sure if Coles at Surry Hills has their own bakery and if that pack of doughnuts was made on the premises. If not, the place they’re getting them from is seriously sending them the second rate stock.

Sydney's best doughnuts
Top left, second down – saddest doughnut in a sad pack

I felt sorry for this doughnut. I felt like I should buy the pack and set it free.

But I didn’t buy it. Doughnuts aren’t budgies. Setting it free wouldn’t have done it any favours.

So I bravely walked away from the sad doughnut, leaving it to be someone else’s problem.

That is life.


Coles, Surry Hills

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