I rarely get supermarket doughnuts. That’s because I’m looking for unique doughnuts – the ones made by independent bakeries that you won’t find all over the place.

Well, I was in Coles and the supermarket doughnuts were looking at me saying “buy me, buy me”. So I got one. A chocolate one.

First thing to note is that they were sitting in a display drawer. There were 2 layers. I grabbed one (using tongs) from the top. It took with it half the icing from the one underneath it. Good luck trying to sell that one later today, Coles.

Okay, so I realised the icing was soft. I knew I had to pack it in something that wasn’t going to damage the icing on the top of my doughnut.

That was almost impossible. All they had were plastic bags.

Sure enough, by the time I got it to my desk at work where I was going to devour it, the icing had stuck to the plastic bag. Nonetheless, I ate it.

I have to say, I enjoyed it.

It was soft and fresh and had plenty of flavour.

As mentioned above, the icing is an issue.

The sign at Coles told me it was a Bob & Pete’s Doughnut. I am not sure, but I think they are one of the biggest suppliers of doughnuts in Sydney. They have both the Coles and Woolworths business, so that alone would keep them busy.

The last very important thing I have to say about this is that it only cost $1.45. Doughnut bargain!

Coles chocolate doughnut

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