I’m not usually one to buy supermarket doughnuts. I’ve had bad experiences with Coles cinnamon doughnuts. I’ve had a bad experience with IGA cinnamon doughnuts. And I’ve had a shocking experience with Aldi cinnamon doughnuts.

I have to say, that if you want a decent cinnamon doughnut, the Woolworths ones aren’t too bad.

At least you can count on them being fresh.

They are soft and chewy and have a good coating of cinnamon sugar.

It’s important to know that they are made instore, or at least in those stores where there is a bakery. So they can vary somewhat from store to store.

While I have seen shocking doughnuts in some Coles supermarkets, I haven’t had that with Woolworths. Perhaps their quality control is better.

I’m pretty sure you can get them in packs of 6 or 12.

Party time!

Woolworths Bakery