What is it about Coles’ instore doughnut making? Some of their output is horrendous.

I did a story on the Coles cinnamon doughnuts at Surry Hills a while ago*. I called them the world’s saddest doughnuts. They looked like they were neglected from birth. I’m pretty sure a new apprentice was responsible for that batch and quietly shoved them in the box before Quality Control did the rounds.

This time it’s Coles at Oatley West in Sydney’s south. Almost as bad as the Surry Hills effort. Some of the doughnuts look more like calamari rings than doughnuts. The photos don’t really pick up the poor state of these mangy creatures.

Something somewhere went horribly wrong.

Who would buy those poor things? Only someone who takes pity on the downtrodden.

I think whoever made them realised they were’t quite up to scratch and tried to make up for it by putting 13 doughnuts in the pack! Count them – 13.

So would you take a pack of 12 good doughnuts or a pack of 4 good and 9 bad-to-pitiful doughnuts?

Maybe I’d just buy an apple.

Coles Oatley West

*The Surry Hills Mall is closing down forever in 2020. I hope it wasn’t because of the DomNuts article on the ‘World’s saddest doughnut’ – see link below.

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