Sometimes a small doughnut is all you want. Or lots of small doughnuts.

So I got some small cinnamon doughnuts from Woolworths at Mortdale. They have an in-store bakery, so I know the doughnuts are made there. Well, I think they are. They make lots of bread, so I’m assuming the doughnuts are made there too.

Sydney's best doughnuts
78% Australian ingredients… at least

Some Woolworths don’t have an in-store bakery, like Riverwood. What the Riverwood store lacks in a bakery, it makes up for in terrible staff.

I got a couple of 12-packs. All fairly cheap. In fact, you probably won’t find cheaper doughnuts. I got them for my colleagues to have for morning tea. That’s why I went for the cheapest doughnuts I’m aware of.

Sydney's best doughnuts
Pack of 12 Woolworths Cinnamon Doughnuts

Woolworths doughnuts are okay. I’m sure the store gets the dough ready-made and they just cook them up and roll them in cinnamon sugar.

When you need lots of doughnuts, it’s a handy option. Especially if they’re for someone else.

Woolworths Mortdale

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