Sometimes a good old fashioned, fair dinkum cinnamon doughnut is what you want. Nothing fancy, nothing too sweet, nothing with a crazy name. Just a plain old cinnamon doughnut.

Here’s one that’s as close to perfect as you’re going to get.

Yes, it’s in Sydney suburbia – Riverwood.

Jan’s Café is tucked away at the back of Riverwood Plaza. They’ve been churning out milkshakes and coffee for the local oldies of Riverwood for years. And one of their big attractions is the doughnuts, especially the cinnamon ones.

Jan's Cafe, DomNuts
Jan’s Cafe is tucked at the back of Riverwood Plaza

Buy a coffee or milkshake and they’ll give you a couple for free.

I’ve been going there for years and the lady who runs it, I assume it’s Jan but to my shame I’ve never actually checked, always asks about my young kids, who are now adults.

The café has put up with under-performing supermarkets in its vicinity for years. First it was a Franklins which became IGA. Then Coles took over – the worst Coles in the chain. And the only thing worth walking down to the back of the Plaza was to go to Jan’s.

Finally, they have a supportive environment, with Aldi supermarket opening. The people are now flooding to the back of the Plaza. And the nice people at Jan’s are laughing.

Back to the doughnuts… like I said, as close to perfect as you’re going to get. Go at the right time (morning) and you’ll get them fresh out of the fryer and warm.

Jan's Cafe, Sydney's best doughnuts
Somehow so perfect

The shape is perfect. The dough is perfect. The outer shell is perfect – just the right crispiness. And just the right amount of cinnamon sugar. Years of making doughnuts has led to perfection.

They also do small iced doughnuts. Plus, they stock other pastries, including scrolls and muffins that are baked off-site.

Jan's Cafe, Sydney's best doughnuts
Three times the pleasure

But it’s the cinnamon doughnuts that are the draw-cards here.

Enjoy, because you won’t find much better.

Jan’s Cafe @ Riverwood Plaza