If there is anything I hate more than a bad doughnut it’s bad service.

Romeo’s IGA at Mortdale – you are so guilty. Very guilty. On 100% of my visits to your store are you guilty.

In these days when stores are almost begging us to shop there, you spoil everything by not training your staff to simply say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’.

It’s not difficult. But it’s the difference between me shopping there again in the near future and not.

It’s the same store that I have tried to forgive several times in the past for lousy service. Every time – yes, every time, the service is crap.

Here’s a line from their website:
Long serving employees are well known within the local area, and have subsequently developed reputable customer service standards.

Perhaps some of the staff have been there a bit too long and feel like they don’t need to be polite. That’s wrong. They should go and work in an RSL bistro dishing out slop to pensioners, because that’s the standard of service I received.

I bought a pack of 6 cinnamon doughnuts, and by jove they had better be good.

By jove, they were dreadful.

Bland, tasteless rubbish.

The sort of rubbish that gives all other doughnuts a bad name.

I never want to do reviews this bad. But on this occasion, I can’t help myself. I hope it may be a warning to any other unsuspecting person hoping to get some doughnuts with decent service in Mortdale.

Poor doughnuts. Poor service.

Seriously, go somewhere else.

Romeo’s IGA, Mortdale

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