Sydney's best doughnuts
Okay, this looks good. I’m sure I won’t be disappointed.

Okay, there is something very fishy going on here. The Bulla Cinnamon Donut Ice Creams taste not one thing like a cinnamon doughnut.

What’s more, they taste exactly like the Bulla Custard Tart Ice Creams that were out a few months ago.

Let’s take a closer look at why I say this.

Sydney's best doughnuts
The description is quite clear

The box says that the ice cream is cinnamon doughnut flavoured. No, it’s not. It’s plain vanilla. It’s pure white. There are no little specks of cinnamon to be seen anywhere. The word cinnamon is not even listed as an ingredient.

No cinnamon flavour. No doughnut flavour.

Sydney's best doughnuts
Where is the cinnamon?

And why does a cinnamon doughnut flavoured ice cream have a ‘choc-coating’, which is actually white chocolate, which isn’t really chocolate. What does that have to do with cinnamon doughnuts?

And then it has biscuit crumbs on the outside. WHY?

Are we being taken for fools?

Are we expected to believe that since we’re told they are cinnamon flavoured, our brains will make us believe that this is the case? Really?

I won’t be fooled.

Sydney's best doughnuts
That’s vanilla ice cream – no cinnamon there

And it seems the only other independent review I could find on them agrees with me – there is no cinnamon flavour in there at all.

Here is the review. It’s by a couple of Australians who seem to make a YouTube living out of reviewing products daily – good luck to them. A bit boring, but this criticism may be just brought on by my bad mood writing about how disappointing the ice creams are.

Birdew Review on YouTube

This is from the Bulla website:Bulla bulla-shyte

The irony is that the current slogan of Bulla’s is ‘Unfakable’.

So where do we go from here, Bulla?

Sydney's best doughnuts
Looks good, but….

I asked on their Facebook page why there is no resemblance to a cinnamon doughnut in the ice creams. I’m still waiting for a reply.

Until then, please re-assume the position of fool.


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Update – I heard back from Bulla and got the usual ‘we’ll pass on your concerns’ response.