I could make this entry really brief.

For a review of Golden North’s Jam Berliner Doughnut & Ice Cream, simply go to my review of Golden North’s Classic Vanilla Glaze Doughnut & Ice Cream and add a small amount of raspberry ripple.

That’s the only difference… a small amount of raspberry ripple.

I’ll start by saying that as far as vanilla ice cream goes, it’s very good.

Golden North Doughnut & Ice Cream
There’s a chunk! And some jam ripple too!

But seriously, there are precious few doughnut chunks in it, and finding the raspberry ripple was like searching for a thread of gold.

They need to look long and hard at why people might buy this ice cream because a scant amount of doughnut pieces and raspberry doesn’t cut the mustard.

I also think that having such large chunks of doughnut is wrong. Because it’s in ice cream, the doughnut is frozen, and the flavour is lost. No one wants to eat a frozen doughnut. I checked this fact with another expert – my daughter. She agreed wholeheartedly. Make the pieces smaller and more frequent and you might be on to something.

The strategy is right. The execution is wrong.

Golden North

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