The obvious thing you’ll notice about Golden North’s Classic Vanilla Glaze Doughnut & Ice-cream is that there’s barely any doughnut.

It’s supposed to be vanilla ice-cream “with real doughnut chunks”. I could count the number of doughnut pieces on one hand.

Golden North Doughnut & Ice Cream
Golden North Doughnut & Ice Cream

I was expecting there to be lots of small pieces, like crumbs, scattered throughout the ice-cream. I think that would have been more interesting. It would have given the ice-cream more of a doughnut flavour.

Instead it’s really just vanilla ice-cream with a few surprises – like finding a coin in the Christmas Pudding, but slightly less of a choking hazard.

Golden North Doughnut & Ice Cream
I spot a bit of doughnut

The doughnut pieces are fairly large, but there are far too few of them.

The ice-cream is very nice – I’ll give them that. And priced accordingly!

Golden North Doughnut & Ice Cream
Hmmm… about that packaging

Their packaging could really use a make-over. For such a premium ice-cream, this lot does not stand out at all among the other better designed ice-cream choices in the fridge. It doesn’t help that this lot is placed at the very bottom out of eye-line. Obviously, Golden North isn’t playing ball with Woolworths and therefore not getting a good shelf position.

There are two other flavours in the series – jam and chocolate iced. Over time I’ll give them a go to see how they tackle those assignments.

The Golden North Doughnut series is only available at Woolworths.

Golden North

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