There are three flavours in the Golden North Doughnut & Ice Cream range.

Over the past two weeks, I’ve reviewed Classic Vanilla Glaze and Jam Berliner.

They are pretty much identical except for a thread of raspberry ripple in the Jam Berliner.

So, what about the other one – Chocolate Iced Doughnut & Ice Cream?

Golden North Chocolate Iced Doughnut & Ice Cream
Golden North Chocolate Iced Doughnut & Ice Cream

Like the other two, the ice cream is really good.

The flavour of the ice cream is chocolate, whereas the other two are vanilla.

I think the packages should come with a warning, because all three have choking-hazard-sized balls of doughnut in them. And like the other two, there aren’t many of these doughnut bits to be found. For goodness sake, don’t feed them to children unless your First Aid skills are up-to-date – those frozen doughnut balls are like pebbles.

Throughout the ice cream, you’ll find threads of chocolate ganache, like the soft icing you’d find on a good chocolate doughnut. It adds a very nice double chocolate flavour.

Golden North Chocolate Iced Doughnut & Ice Cream
Very nice, but lacks doughnut-ness

Of the three Golden North choices, I like this one the most, probably because I felt it has a stronger association with doughnuts than the other two.

Give it a try. In fact, give them all a try. As far as I know, you’ll only find them at Woolworths.

Golden North

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