I reviewed these a while ago (2018) and wrote that they taste nothing like a cinnamon doughnut.

Well, you know, maybe I was mistaken. Maybe I got a dud batch. Maybe I had an off day. Maybe I had temporary brain damage.

So I decided to give them another go. I mean, they are still for sale so surely, they are right and I’m wrong.


My original opinion was spot on.

They taste NOTHING like a cinnamon doughnut. NOTHING!

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The description says they have cinnamon flavoured ice-cream under the coating. Puh-lease! It’s obviously plain vanilla. There’s no cinnamon anywhere in the flavour. Nor is it listed as an ingredient.

And what about the coating. What does that have to do with a cinnamon doughnut? It’s called a ‘choc-coating’ on the pack. It’s not even choc. And if it is, how is that cinnamon and/or doughnut?

And then biscuit pieces. What? BISCUIT pieces. This is nuts (not literally).

This must be one of those instances of, “Tell ’em what it tastes like and the fools will believe us,” which is followed by an evil laugh – spelled something like “Mwa-ha-ha.”

I’m sure these ice-creams are exactly the same as the ones that were called ‘Custard Tart’ flavoured ice-creams’ before the Cinnamon Donut ones came out. Bulla has just re-named them.

When I originally reviewed these, I messaged Bulla to ask why they call them Cinnamon Donut when they don’t taste like a cinnamon doughnut. They mistook my reply as me saying I didn’t like them and apologised. That’s all I got. That’s a social media administrator for you – look for the easy way out and feel content that you’ve done your job. My point was not that I don’t like them. My point was that they weren’t what they were marketed to be.

And still aren’t.

I’m surprised this hasn’t been exposed on A Current Affair, or by that opinionated English guy Piers Morgan, or somebody somewhere. I seem to be about the only one who takes umbrage by it. But at least it gives me the chance to use the word ‘umbrage’.

Obviously, this ice-cream reviewer agrees with me.

A ridiculous piece of irony in all this is that their current marketing slogan in ‘un-fake-able’.

Anyway, if you want vanilla ice-cream on a stick with an nondescript coating with soft biscuit crumbs, then you might like this.

But if you are looking for an ice-cream that is reminiscent of a cinnamon doughnut, give this one a wide berth or be sorely disappointed.


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