Collaborations are really big at the moment.

And now, Streets has created the Krispy Kreme Golden Gaytime ice-cream.

There had been the reverse – a Golden Gaytime Krispy Creme doughnut, but I let that one go through to the keeper because I didn’t have very high expectations. It was for a limited time, and that time is over.

But I decided to give the ice-cream version a go.

Now, my experiences with ice-cream in doughnut flavours have been disappointing to say the least. I really think that it can be done, but no one has nailed it yet. Here’s my list:
Bulla Cinnamon Doughnut Ice Cream
Golden North Chocolate Iced Doughnut and Ice Cream
Golden North Jam Berliner Doughnut and Ice-Cream
Golden North Classic Vanilla Glaze Doughnut and Ice-Cream
Warm Donut Meets Cool Gelato, Gelatissimo

So, the question is… can the might of Streets Golden Gaytime and Krispy Kreme Doughnuts collaborate successfully to bring the doughnut/ice-cream experience to a satisfactory result?

Getting to the point, the answer is no.

The key words are on the package – “Inspired by the Original Glazed Doughnut”. Having tried it, I now know exactly what they mean.

What you get is a Golden Gaytime dipped in a thin layer of Krispy Kreme Glaze.

There’s no doughnut anywhere to be seen… or tasted. It’s only about the glaze.

And the glaze actually ruins one of the best things about a Golden Gaytime – the crumbs.

I won’t say it’s horrible. I’ll just say that it is not what is expected.

I’d much prefer an original Golden Gaytime.

Streets Golden Gaytime

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