Rejoice, for Doughvember is here!

Hasn’t the time flown since the last one. I mean, it barely feels like a year, let alone 12 months.

For those who aren’t aware, Doughvember is a full 30 days of thinking about, buying and eating doughnuts.

Doughvember 2018 logo

It falls during the month of November because the first syllable happens to rhyme with the first syllable of doughnut. If it weren’t for that crazy coincidence, we may not have a month dedicated to doughnuts at all.

Unless we went with Jam-uary.

Or Aug-Nuts.

Or we could call every previous day Yeast-erday.

Or every first weekday Cinna-Monday.

Or the last weekday Fry-day.

But let’s stick with ‘Doughvember’, which wraps it all up neatly into a run of 30 fun-filled consecutive days of doughnut bliss, when all your cheat days can come at once.

Happy Doughvember, everybody!


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