Krispy Kreme might have its timing just a little off with its latest theme of doughnuts.

KK has just announced a Rick & Morty range.

Rick & Morty. Great show. Great show.

The latest series of Rick & Morty launched a few months ago.

As far as I’m aware, there are no new episodes about to hit Netflix.

So what’s with the timing?

I have to add, I reckon the person who wrote the advertising has never seen an episode.

Anyway, let’s get to the range.

There is a Pickle Rick Doughnut. Yuck, you say, a pickle-flavoured doughnut. The Krispy Kreme website assures us that it’s actually “From a reality where pickles taste like lemon crème and white choc…!” So it’s not really pickle-flavoured. It’s inspired by the fabulous episode where Rick turns himself into a pickle to avoid going to a school function.

There’s also Simple Rick’s Wafer Cookie and Strawberry Smiggles.

And there’s a shake in the range called the Fleeb Juice Shake.

Now, importantly, these aren’t available at 7-11 stores. You have to drop into a Krispy Kreme store or get them delivered through Uber Eats. So I’m not sure if I’ll get the chance to try one of these things.

If not, I’ll just have to watch some Rick & Morty episodes again.

Great show. Great show.

Krispy Kreme

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