In December 2018, I broke the news that Walker’s Doughnuts were opening in Harbourside, Darling Harbour.

Now I can reveal that the store closed in February 2020.

The news is still so raw that the store is still listed on the Walker’s website – see below.

(Hey, Walker’s… it’s ‘Merrylands’ with an ‘s’)

Google it and you’ll be told that the store it still alive and well.

No, it ain’t.

The Harbourside website has removed them from the store listing, but it still appears on the map.

At the moment, there’s nothing taking its place. It’s all boarded up with no clues as to what’s happening on the other side. Presumably, something is.

While Walker’s has a few pop-up stores in Sydney, the Harbourside store was considered permanent. They also have a few other permanent Sydney stores that I haven’t visited yet.

It’s a shame because I believed that a good doughnut store would do well in Darling Harbour.

I’d love to know what brought about its demise… increased rent, poor management, poor staff? All of the above?

They had not long ago installed the hot jamball doughnut machine, like they have at the famous Collins Street Melbourne store.

I’ll be interested to see if the next door neighbours, McDonald’s, bring back their doughnuts.

Walker’s Doughnuts

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