I rarely step foot into Aldi supermarkets. Just because the packaging on that breakfast cereal is identical to Kellogg’s doesn’t mean the cornflakes are identical.

But I do go in occasionally to see what they have because they have interesting lines from time to time.

So last night I went in to the new one at Riverwood. As I do everywhere, I had a look at the doughnuts they had to offer. My jaw dropped.

Two packs of 6 cinnamon doughnuts, with a Use By Date of that day, were mouldy.

One of the staff came by. He looked like he had some sort of authority by the way he was giving instructions to other staff. I said to him, “You better take those moudly doughnuts away.”

He gave me no response. No response whatsoever. He didn’t make eye contact with me. Didn’t say ‘sorry’ or ‘thanks’, nor did he look surprised or crack any human emotion of any kind. He took one pack of the moudly doughnuts away and gave them to another staff member to get rid of them.

Domnuts, Sydney's best doughnuts
What a waste

So now I will explain why, to this day, I have never parted with one cent at a Mouldy, I mean Aldi supermarket.

It’s not so much about the mouldy doughnuts, which is a clear case that they simply don’t take any care of their stock.

It has more to do with the reaction, or lack thereof, from the staff.

This is a brand new store in a competitive environment. Surely, some sort of customer service is expected. But I’m afraid I’ve never experienced anything but dreadful customer service at Aldi.

So you can keep your quirky TV commercials, your twice a week sales, your impostor lines and your moudly doughnuts.

I’d rather shop elsewhere.