One of things you’ll normally find at markets is a churros food truck. And Melbourne’s Queen Victoria Market was no different.

The only problem of course is that not all churros are created equal.

Being made right there, right then means they are subject to the experience, ability and even the mood of the maker.

The churros food truck at Melbourne’s Queen Victoria Market looked good. Very good.

It didn’t seem to have an official name. So I checked the Queen Victoria Market website – I found nothing. So I googled it. Aha! It’s called the Spanish Donut Van. Well, that’s what someone calls it. Sounds a bit generic to me.

At the Spanish Donut Van at the Queen Victoria Market, the churros hung in long spirals on a hanger, warm, crispy, dripping the oil in which they had been deep-fried. Perfectly coloured and I’m sure perfectly cooked. Some were in the display case, right there in my face.

They only cost $1.50.

I could not get one, though. I’d already had more than my quota of sweet deep fried foods for one day – perhaps even a week.

My self-restraint worked overtime, and I successfully resisted.

I know what I’ll be getting on my next visit to the Queen Victoria Market.

Spanish Donut Van, Queen Victoria Market

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