Sign for the Bay Of Islands Markets
Small markets but good markets

It’s a market, but a little one. You can just about count the number of stalls one hand. The food, mainly fresh fruit and veggies, looked great – locally grown and very tempting. For us travellers, it wasn’t practical to buy anything we couldn’t eat right there and then.

Right there and then, I spotted a stand with fresh bread.

Flutey’s Breads

I spoke to the lady at the Greg Flutey Breads stand. She made the bread herself. There was lots – where does she find the time? What does Greg do?

The strawberry bomb and cherry bomb
One of each left

I saw a little thing called a Cheery Bomb and another called a Strawberry Bomb. They were homemade fruit buns with the jam baked inside rather than pumped in after cooking. Does that make a difference. I discovered it does.

I got the Strawberry Bomb.

Half eaten Strawberry Bomb
This thing is delicious.

It was positively delicious. Soft but chewy like a good fruit bun. Full of delicious dried fruits. And the jam was exceptional. Not too sweet and seemed to be homemade.

This was one of the highlights of my foodie experience in New Zealand.

Greg Flutey Breads, Bay Of Islands Markets, Paihai

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