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Dunkin’ Donuts at Auckland Airport

You know, there are no Dunkin’ Donuts outlets in Australia. Not one. Which makes me feel like our country is somewhat deprived.

But the feeling became even more so when I stepped off the plane at Auckland Airport and bumped straight into a Dunkin’ Donuts stand.

So, New Zealand has DD but Australia doesn’t. What’s the deal? There has to be a reason. I’ll look into it and if it’s an interesting story, I might post it on DomNuts.

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Quite a good range

There was no shortage of options, and after some deliberation, I got a Strawberry Doughnut, which means strawberry jam filling.

Anyway, my eyes lit up when I saw it. My last DD experience was awful – Vietnam. One of the worst doughnuts I’ve ever had. But my memory of DD in the USA is a good one. I had to give the NZ DD a go.

‘Strawberry’ means filled with strawberry jam

I am thrilled to say it was a most enjoyable doughnut.

The strawberry jam was nice and runny. It had a good coating of dusted sugar on the outside. The dough was firm and chewy.

And well worth the money of just NZ$3.

There are other Dunkin’ Donuts outlets in New Zealand, although I didn’t come across any others during my journey.

Dunkin’ Donuts

DomNuts visits Dunkin’ Donuts, Auckland Airport, NZ

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