One of the reasons I started DomNuts was to write about those rare doughnut finds that are out of this world. The ones that don’t get the attention they deserve. The ones hidden away, being produced by a wonderful cook somewhere, that no one writes about. This is one of those…

Funky Clothing, Mangawhai
Funky Clothing

In a little town called Mangawhai in the New Zealand north island is a little shop called Funky Clothing, run by a lady named Trish Powley and her husband.

I was with my wife and we were wandering around, exploring the town and I noticed that this clothing shop had a sign, partly obscured, that said ‘donuts’. I was nearly going to give it a miss. Thank goodness I didn’t.

Trish and her husband are from Liverpool in the UK. She cooks everything herself. And everything looked absolutely delicious. I’m not sure, but I think she might also make the clothing herself too. Trish was busy cooking while her husband was doing the selling. He was tired but happy because his beloved Liverpool FC had beaten Euro powerhouse Barcelona overnight.

Custard doughnuts at Funky Clothing
A small pile of heaven

I spotted doughnuts among the food she had cooked that morning; one lot with custard and the other lot with caramel. I went for a custard one. He said the doughnut will probably still be warm.

I found a bench and ate my custard doughnut.

Half eaten doughnut from Funky Clothing

My God, it was a piece of heaven. One of the best doughnuts I have ever had. And I’ve had hundreds.

The custard was perfection – smooth, creamy, a slight lemon tang.

The dough was soft, slightly warm and melted in my mouth. There was absolutely no error in it. Not too much oil. Not over- or under-cooked.

Absolute perfection.

I wonder if the people of Mangawhai are aware that they have such amazing food right under their noses.

I hope lots of people see this post, head to that little town and enjoy that food cooked with years of homestyle love and expertise.

DomNuts visits Funky Clothing, Mangawhai, NZ

Funky Clothing, Mangawhai, New Zealand

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