What can I say about the town of Whangarei? Not much. I don’t remember it. What I like about it is that the name is pronounces Fang-ger-ay. I especially like that it ends with ‘ay’, just like every sentence said by a New Zealander, eh?

I do recall going into a cafe that was really a diner and seeing their choice of food. There were a few doughnuts that didn’t really look that appetising.

Doughnuts at Whangarei
Doughnuts with scary signs. Bavarian or Transylvanian?

There was even a Rice Donut. I’ve never seen a rice doughnut before and was nearly tempted to get it for that reason alone.

But the whole place didn’t really give me a sense of comfort. It looked dirty and run down. Like selling cheap food was more important than selling quality.

I checked a few online reviews of the place and the feeling seems shared.

I also didn’t like the spooky font they use as price tags for their food. Who made those? Bela Lugosi?

So, I did without a rice doughnut.

Their social media presence is virtually zero – so I’m not going to provide a link.

The Bakehouse Cafe, Whangarei

DomNuts visits The Bakehouse Cafe, Whangarei, NZ

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