Lokma are apparently Turkish doughnuts.

Well, I’ve had doughnuts from lots of other countries, so it was time to try Turkish doughnuts.

They are like loukoumades, little balls of dough deep fried in large numbers at a time.

Lokma variations
Lokma variations

They had a few variations, like chocolate drizzled over the top and honey and stuff. For something different, I got them with raspberry sauce and coconut.

I was very disappointed.

It was like eating nothing but crispy fried batter. It’s fine to be crispy on the outside, but I expect a bit of soft and juicy dough own the inside. If this is what they are meant to be, then that’s fine, but not what I like.

The other thing of course is that the sign says they are to be eaten hot. Mine were cold. They had pre-made a large pile, probably to keep on top of demand. Unfortunately, it meant that their sign gave them away.

They could also work on their customer engagement, which was pretty minimal. I can’t understand why owners of small market stalls don’t make an effort to be pleasant to customers.


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