There’s nothing I enjoy more than discovering a little bakery somewhere producing top quality doughnuts. That is the very reason I started writing DomNuts in the first place.

And I found a beauty in Devonport, a short ferry ride from Auckland. It was a place simply called Baked.

They had loads of freshly made breads and sweets. And it all looked terrific.

With so many good options, I got a Jam Cream Doughnut.

It had jam and cream on the inside. A bit like the good old fashioned cream bun I’d buy as a kid – when I could’t get a pineapple doughnut, of course.

I’m not a big fan of cream these days, but this cream was good stuff.

It didn’t have a fake ‘mock cream’ flavour. The cream along with the jam and the bun all worked perfectly together. Like a good scone with jam and cream. Only better because it was a doughnut.

I was pleased that my wife and I decided to get the ferry out to Devonport. The little bakery called Baked made it worthwhile.

Baked, Devonport, Auckland

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