Dr Dough was once in Potts Point, but they abandoned that idea.

Now you can get their doughnuts from a cafe on Harris Street, Pyrmont called Mug Life. Mug Life is the exclusive outlet for Dr Dough doughnuts. At least, I think that’s how the relationship works.

It was at Mug Life / Dr Dough that I got a ‘Vanilla Slice Slice Baby’ Doughnut. Hate the name, and yes, I do get where it comes from, but they’re really trying hard to give it a quirky name. 

I love vanilla slices, and I’ve had a couple of doughnuts that claim to re-create the vanilla slice taste while being a doughnut.

The one at Dr Dough is the closest I’ve tried that is like a real vanilla slice.

The flakey pastry on top felt like it was straight off a vanilla slice.

The icing was near perfect – it would have been better as passionfruit flavour like a genuine vanilla slice, but the consistency of the icing was close.

Best of all was the custard – just like a real vanilla slice with a rubbery texture. Sounds shocking, but I love it. It’s the unique custard that makes a vanilla slice stand up on its own two feet, so to speak. Soft, rubbery, a bit like homemade plasticine.

I admire Dr Dough for not just sticking any old custard into a doughnut, putting yellow icing on it and calling it Vanilla Slice. They took it to the next level.

Mug Life / Dr Dough

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