There was a vegan market in Melbourne in May.

My vegetarian daughter went and spotted some loukoumades.

The stand at the the Vegan Markets

Honey Dee makes loukoumades at markets around Melbourne. They have fairly large variety of flavours that they pour over the loukoumades.

My daughter got the loukoumades with Caramel and Artisan Salts. That’s not ‘salted caramel’. It’s caramel and salt. They pour the caramel on then add artisan salts. Maybe that is still salted caramel. Who knows?

Screen grab from the Honey Dee website

I looked up the Caramel with Artisan Salts page on the Honey Dee website to see what they mean by ‘artisan salts’. But all I found were two paragraphs of keyword stuffing. Hey, Honey Dee. Google doesn’t like that!

My daughter said the Loukoumades were light and fluffy and didn’t have a vegan taste to them. But were very sweet.

I’m not sure if I’d try them. But I’d certainly try their plain loukoumades.

Honey Dee

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