What did you just think of when I said that? Something sweet? Or a watered-down swear word?

In this case, I’m talking about the delicious sweet.

In the few hours I had in Paihai, I went into Ella & Co, a shop on what I suppose you’d call the main street.

I’d call it a little shop, but it is a bit too big to be called little.

They sell mainly stuff for those of the female variety.

But they also sell fudge. The fudge stand is right near the front door.

I love fudge. Well-made fudge is a delight. And these days you can get all sorts of exotic and inventive flavours.

I spotted a sign among the fudges that said Jam & Cinnamon Donut.

Unfortunately, by this time, I had already had too much sweet food.

It looked good. So tempting. But against my better judgment, I didn’t get any.


Ella & Co

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