A reader, Heidi, let me know about the announcement that the store Funky Clothing in Mangawhai in New Zealand is closing down soon. The owners are going to enjoy a well-earned retirement.

In case you’re wondering why a Sydney-based doughnut blog would make an issue about a clothing store in a country Kiwi town, the reason is quite simple…

In May 2019 I travelled to the north of New Zealand and tried as many doughnuts as I could. I stumbled across Funky Clothing, which sells, apart from home-made clothing, home-baked food.

I tried a doughnut. It was perhaps the best doughnut I have ever had. It was a taste of heaven. It was pure perfection.

A lady named Trish Powley cooks all the food herself. Where she finds the time to do that, I have no idea. She’s an expert. A cooking genius.

I wrote a story about my Funky Clothing doughnut on DomNuts. Trish somehow found my story and shared it on her Facebook page. The clicks for DomNuts, especially the article on Funky Clothing, went nuts. DomNuts was trending in New Zealand. I was pretty darn excited – not just for DomNuts but for Trish. She obviously has many supporters and she was humbly proud that her cooking publicly received such a glowing review.

I don’t make a cent from this blog. In fact it costs me money. I don’t ask for free food and I don’t expect it. I do it to give recognition to the great doughnut makers. And in this case, it worked beautifully – recognition where it was deserved. I was able to make Trish’s day and hopefully bring her some extra business.

And now, sadly, Funky Clothing is closing on April 18. Which means you only have a limited amount of time to get yourself to Mangawhai in New Zealand and experience Trish’s amazing food.

Do it if you can!

Funky Clothing, Mangawhai, New Zealand

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