The David Jones Foodhall in Melbourne is an institution.

Funny, but I have a long and deep connection with David Jones.

My dad worked in the Sydney Foodhall. My sister worked in the department store. I also worked in the Sydney Foodhall. I was also, at another time, a writer of their advertising. You’d think I love the place. But I don’t.

Of course, they have had their ups and downs over the years. Their management has gone from astute and savvy to down-right incompetent several times over.

At least, the Melbourne Foodhall has the good sense to stock doughnuts. I found them in their Bakery among lots of other baked goodies, mainly bread.

I didn’t try one. I don’t buy anything from David Jones anymore – see note above about not loving them.

David Jones Foodhall, Melbourne

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