Loukoumades by The Blue Olive Kitchen
The Blue Olive Kitchen market stand at Peakhurst

I have a love/hate relationship with Greek food. I love moussaka, I hate spanakopita. I like a Greek salad but am not fond of dolmades.

But the Greeks do awesome sweets.

So when I’m in search of Sydney’s best doughnuts, and see some Greeks with a choice of sweets, I’m there to check things out.

I have to say, the Greeks don’t come immediately to mind when you think ‘doughnut’, but if you spot Loukoumades, give them a go. The ones by The Blue Olive Kitchen are excellent.

Loukoumades by The Blue Olive Kitchen
Such a choice – wait till you see the full range

Loukoumades are little deep fried balls of dough, coated in something sweet.

The Blue Olive Kitchen cook them fresh and offer them in a choice of coatings including cinnamon sugar, caramel and honey. I chose cinnamon sugar.

There was plenty of cinnamon sugar, perhaps a little too much. They were crunchy on the outside and soft and moist on the inside. Delicious. And very moorish.

Loukoumades by The Blue Olive Kitchen
Just some of the goodies on offer

I went for a medium sized tray and got loads of them.

Keep your eye out for The Blue Olive Kitchen at markets. They do other superb Greek sweets, some of which I’ve tried and thoroughly enjoyed.

The Blue Olive Kitchen