I am hooked on the pineapple doughnuts at LA Donuts in Beverly Hills. That’s Beverly Hills in Sydney’s South, near the M5 on-ramp.

When I was a kid at school, one of my indulgences was a pineapple doughnut from the tuck shop. I can’t remember what they cost, but they were cheap. I’d allow myself one a day, for even as a kid, I felt any more was to over-indulge.

Other kids bought vanilla slices, custard tarts, finger buns and matches, and I loved all those things too, (except matches – too sweet even for me), but the pineapple doughnut was the king. I kept it a secret too in case other kids cottoned-on and started getting to them before I did.

There was something about the taste that was like nothing else on earth, including pineapples. The glazing was unique. The dough extra soft and oily. 

And sadly, the same doughnut cannot be bought nowadays.

Sydney's best doughnuts
Delicious pineapple doughnut from LA Donuts

One place does a pineapple doughnut very similar – Balfours, but it’s just not the same.

Anyway, the pineapple doughnut at LA Donuts, while unlike the one from the tuck shop, is still excellent.

The glazing is a different type – more shell-like. The dough is softer and less oily.

But when I reach deep down into my flavour memory bank, I can detect notes reminiscent of those long lost tuck shop pineapple doughnuts.

Such joy.

LA Donuts

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