My kids love doughnuts – they take after their dad.

My kids love lemon curd – dad likes that too.

So, when standing in LA Donuts in Beverly Hills faced with a great assortment of doughnuts to choose from, what’s a dad to do?

Of course, I got the Lemon Curd Doughnut (among others).

And of course it went down very well with the kids.

Soft and fresh and full of tasty, tangy, gooey lemon curd, it didn’t take long for that one to be divided and devoured.

It had a lot of icing sugar on top as well as a blob of lemon curd – see picture.

I suspect that LA Donuts didn’t make the lemon curd themselves – it’s probably one they sourced from a commercial supplier. But on this occasion, it didn’t seem to matter. The doughnut was still a big winner.

It’s highly recommended if you like that tangy flavour of lemon curd.

LA Donuts makes all their doughnuts that day, so they are always fresh. Actually, they also sell yesterday’s doughnuts which they mark and sell at a discount. So if you have a ratty kid demanding a doughnut who wouldn’t know the difference, they are your doughnuts.

LA Donuts

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