Sydney's best doughnuts
Look at the sign, not the car

Sometimes you come across a word that makes you go “What the…?’ This happened when I went to One Seed Patisseries at Lane Cove.

‘Briochu’. Is that a typo? In this case a hand-writingo?

Or is a briochu something that exists that I’ve never heard of?

There’s only one thing to do – go to Google.

Sydney's best doughnuts
Brioche or briochu?

All I got there is some weird character that looks like it’s from Pokemon.

So I’m going to guess it’s meant to be brioche with an e.

And looking at their Facebook page, they spell it in the classic way ‘brioche’.

Sydney's best doughnuts
Better spelling of ‘brioche’. Now fix the spelling of ‘signature’.

So after all that, what is the Briochu Custard Donut like?

Sydney's best doughnuts
Brioche in all its glory

It was really nice.

It was a bit oily, but not too much.

The shell was crispy and had a sugar coating.

Sydney's best doughnuts
Like that custard

The custard was what made it. It was thick custard, almost like what you get in a vanilla slice. It was probably commercially made custard (not home made) but I enjoyed it.

They had a twist doughnut as well.

Oh, and the lady who served me was particularly nice. I appreciate good service, even if I’m just buying a doughnut.

So if you’re heading to Lane Cove, One Seed is the place for a doughnut.

One Seed Patisseries

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