Pineapple Doughnut at Joe Dough
Pineapple Doughnut, lots of glazing, but what’s it like?

I was really looking forward to visiting Joe Dough for the first time. It’s had big wraps and good press since opening in June 2017.

Joe Dough is a very small American Diner. It has a small menu but specialises in takeaway doughnuts and cups of cookie dough. There are doughnut cushions on the wall and stools of doughnuts to add to the atmosphere.

Pineapple Doughnut at Joe Dough
Looks good

So what was it like? In a word, disappointing.

I went with a colleague who was also keen on trying this place. We ordered dinner which took 45 minutes to come – we were pretty much the only people in there. I can wait 45 minutes if there is an apology or a bit of communication, like, “sorry for the delay, but your meal will be ready soon”, but there was none. And my southern fried chicken was rather tasteless. My colleague agreed – her spicy chicken was not spicy at all.

Things were not looking good. So we came for the doughnuts, let’s give them a try.

Again, fairly disappointing.

Firstly, the choice was very limited. The website suggests a big range, but on the day there was a choice of just five flavours.

These doughnuts were very light for the yeast-raised variety. I got a pineapple, which is probably my favourite flavoured doughnut. But the pineapple taste was just not there.

Pineapple Doughnut at Joe Dough
Looks oh so good, but does it live up to the reputation?

The glazing fell off the doughnut, making things very messy.

It was a big doughnut, and worth the money, but I’ve had better in Sydney. Looking at independent reviews, the comments were similar to mine.

Try Joe Dough by all means, but perhaps don’t go in with expectations raised as high as mine were.

Joe Dough