I don’t get to Lane Cove often. In fact , I don’t think anyone does except the locals. It’s a nice place, quite central but still out of the way.

I was skimming along Burns Bay Road when I noticed some good looking doughnuts in a cafe called Louisiane. I had to try one.

Sydney's best doughnuts
Louisiane, Lane Cove

The customer service was a bit ordinary, but what about the doughnuts? They tried to sell me three, but I just went with one.

Sydney's best doughnuts
I wish they’d keep them covered

I had a sugar-coated doughnut.

It was okay without being outstanding.

Sydney's best doughnuts
A lonely looking sugar-coated doughnut

It was very plain. You can see by the pictures that the inside was quite soft and airy. Meanwhile the outside was a nicely crispy. it had a light sugar coating.

Sydney's best doughnuts
Light and airy

There were other things there that looked really nice, including doughnuts with Nutella filling.

They really need to do some work on their website, because it’s half finished.

Sydney's best doughnuts
Hey, Louisiane, finish off your website!


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