Jan’s Café in Riverwood Plaza does an incredibly good cinnamon doughnut. So good, in fact, you’ll have to search long and hard to get a better one in Sydney.

Sydney's best doughnuts
Doughnut from Jan’s Cafe, Riverwood Plaza

Their other doughnuts obviously come from a supplier, and by supplier, I mean a mass producer, such as Bob & Pete’s or Balfours.

I had to check this theory for myself. I bought a large doughnut with yellow icing of unspecified flavour. I also got some cinnamon doughnuts and couple of small iced doughnuts.

Sure enough, the iced doughnuts were unmistakably supplied.

I’d much rather have a house-made doughnut, and since they do their own cinnamon ones, that’s what I prefer from Jan’s.

Remember, if you can, get to Jan’s early while the doughnuts are still hot and super-fresh. Excellent!

Jan’s Cafe

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