About six months ago I decided the world needed a blog about Sydney’s doughnuts.

Why? Because I felt dismayed by the inaccurate information available on what are in fact Sydney’s best doughnuts.

I would search online for articles about Sydney’s best doughnuts, only to find a plethora of lazy journalism. I remember reading one article that started something like: “So apparently doughnuts are a thing?” Some person probably got paid to write that ignorant rubbish. Or what about this ridiculous line: “Doughnuts are no longer an American thing.” Since when were they just an American thing?

And what’s the obsession with calling doughnuts a ‘thing’.

Clearly, what I was reading was not really about the best doughnuts in Sydney. I doubt if many of those writers searched very hard. I doubt if they actually tried the doughnuts they wrote about, or if they were merely going on reputation. To those writers, if Krispy Kreme is on your list, you aren’t trying hard enough.

There are many places out there selling exceptional doughnuts, but because they don’t belong in some fantasised group of elite bakeries or cafés, they are ignored. My aim has been to change that and present what are genuinely the best doughnuts in Sydney, and in some cases, those that fall short.

Do a search and you’ll quickly come across sites like The Urban List, Trip Advisor, Yelp and Zomato that are just quick snippets from customers. Not good enough for me. The only ones who post there are the ones with a vested interest, the disenchanted and the ones who want to build up their post numbers.

So DomNuts was created.

And because I firmly believe that the enjoyment of food starts at the shopfront and includes customer service, I’ll often talk about that.

I can’t get everywhere, but I try to get around to as many places as possible.

I will say that I have been to many areas of Sydney that don’t have doughnuts worth my cash, or in fact, they have no doughnuts at all. I’ve searched Gosford, nothing. I’ve been to places in Wollongong that are supposed to have doughnuts – found nothing. The entire Sutherland Shire is almost devoid of a good doughnut… travel across Tom Ugly’s or the Captain Cook Bridges and you’ll still have trouble. However, cross the Alfords Point Bridge and you’ll quickly find some of Sydney’s finest.

Also, while I do a bit of travelling, I want to talk about doughnuts from outside of Sydney to present a point of difference between those and Sydney’s doughnuts.

And of course, it’s all dynamic. Some stores open, others close for good. Some change their doughnut range regularly. Some stick to the tried and true formulas.

Isn’t that one of life’s great joys… the differences that greet us when we roam. And it means I’ll have a never-ending list of doughnuts to review.

Anyway, here are my top Sydney doughnuts so far, not in any particular order, but you might guess my preferences:

Zippoli @ Zippoli, Peakhurst Foodies Markets
Take me back to my childhood. A rare treat to find someone doing these Italian doughnuts, which are like fritters.

Pineapple Doughnut @ Puffies! Roselands
A true craftsman of the cake-style pineapple doughnut.

Jamball Doughnut @ Workshop Espresso, Gateway, Circular Quay
Probably my absolute favourite doughnut. They don’t make them there at the café, but whoever supplies them is a doughnut genius.

Blood Orange Brewnut @ Brewtown Coffee Roasters, Surry Hills Changed my attitude towards cronuts. Melt in your mouth.

Cinnamon Doughnut @ Jan’s Café, Riverwood Plaza
The quintessential cinnamon doughnut, made to perfection.

Italian Custard Doughnut @ Roma Capoccia, Riverwood
More people are making Italian doughnuts, like zuccherati, and these are excellent examples, made in-house.

Coming soon and worth a mention:
Donut Papi
Milkbar By Café Ish
Zumbo’s Zonut

Others on my radar:
Aunt Lil’s
Donut Bomb
Grumpy Donuts
Pasticceria Papa
QuinkyDink Fresh Cream Donuts
Flour & Stone
Kingswood Coffee
Short Stop
Milky Lane
The Pig & Pastry
Bertoni Casalinga
Woah Nelly
Baked Patisserie
Lots more.

If you know a good doughnut that I haven’t reviewed, please let me know about it.