On the western side of the northern entrance to Sydney Harbour Bridge is the cold, characterless suburb of Milsons Point, with dull eateries that cater to the office workers and builders putting up even more skyscrapers that make other people richer; on the eastern side is the charming Kirribilli.

San Antonio Sourdough Bakery, Kirribilli
San Antonio Sourdough Bakery, Kirribilli

Sure enough, no doughnuts in Milsons Point. But in Kirribilli, there’s San Antonio Sourdough Bakery on Burton (catches breath after such long name). It’s just a little cafe/bakery selling bread and pastries tucked away in a side street of Kirribilli.

As I walked past, the plate of doughnuts instantly caught my eye. They sat there like river stones waiting to be skimmed across Sydney Harbour. A plate full, seemingly untouched. I would have asked for the whole plate, but that would be unfair of me. So I just asked for one, even though they are not of the large variety.

There is no catchy name, no description or hint of filling. They are just called ‘Doughnuts’. I’ve called them ‘Ball Doughnuts’ for the benefit of categorising them here.

San Antonio Sourdough Bakery
It’s a ball doughnut, but what’s inside?

By their shape, they look like they should have a filling, but there are no tell-tale signs such as blobs of jam or Nutella sticking out anywhere.

They are covered, you could say to an excessive extent, in soft sugar. When the lady picked mine up, she ended up covering herself in the stuff.

As it turns out, there is no filling.

DomNuts Sydney's best doughnuts
Nothing inside except doughy goodness

You can see by the pictures, it’s an airy doughnut, with a very soft texture, quite like a brioche.

It seems to have a citrus tang, perhaps in the glazing under all that icing sugar.

The flavour is nice, as I would expect, and it doesn’t leave that taste in my mouth for the next hour like some doughnuts.

I understand that San Antonio Sourdough also does cronuts. I didn’t see any on my first visit. I’ll have to go back.

They don’t seem to have a website, and the Facebook page is a little underdone. There are a few online newspaper reviews if you want to read more about the bakery’s story.

Better still, go and check it out.

San Antonio Sourdough Bakery on Burton